SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics is the most natural way to look your best, 24/7. Professionals specializing in the  SofTap® hand method use 100% disposable hand tools to gently and delicately implant permanent color into the skin. This method is non-invasive, highly controlled, and produces the most natural  looks you will ever see in permanent makeup.’
All prices include a second complimentary post treatment top up to refine the detail and ensure the right depth of pigmentation implantation.


Powder Brow £249 Soft brows that look most defined and natural, as if a light brow shadow product has been used.

Brow Tinting has always been popular, the treatment involves dying brow hairs to add definition to the eyes and to frame the face. This saves time applying brow pencil or powder as part of the daily makeup or grooming routine. It gives a soft look as the brow hair- not the skin- is tinted and a tint lasts until the hairs have grown out and replaced themselves. This is usually 4-6 weeks.

It has become the ‘norm’ for clients to ask to have excess tint to be left on the skin, temporarily staining the skin for a stronger look. A few people have felt a brow tint only lasts a few days due to this staining effect. Now a Powder Brow Tattoo gives a more permanent effect. It is as the name suggests a ‘tattoo’: a small amount of cosmetic pigment will permanently be left in the skin. However the skin is a clever organ and continually renews itself, so for a Powder Brow Tattoo to remain fresh and flawless an annual top up is required. Powder Brow Tattooing is the answer to smudge free, beautifully defined brows. It’s not harsh, black or ‘the scouse brow’ neither is it a completely flat horizontal line. Shape and colour are thoroughly discussed in the private makeup room.

A Powder Brow Tattoo will take a two hour appointment to ensure a full consultation, design and aftercare advice as well as the tattoo. Then after 4-6 weeks as second appointment is essential to top up and confirm the depth of colour. Using SofTap System a gentle hand technique is used to minimise discomfort and a throw away disposable needle is used to eliminate contamination 100%

Block Brows £299. Enhanced brows that give a more defined look, as if a brow pencil has been used. Deeper and darker than a Powder Brow.

Hair Stroke Brows – Single Colour £299 This is method is more commonly called Microblading.

Hair Stroke Brows – 3D £349. This includes a base colour and two more colours. The best for reconstruction or for those with very little brow hair growth.


Skinny Liner £149. Top, bottom or both, this is natural enhancement at the base of the lashes.

Chunky Liner £199. Top, bottom or both, defined line best tapered, starting skinny near the inner corner of the eye and increasing in thickness to the outermost lash.

Smokey Liner £249. Top, bottom or both. As chunky liner with an additional colour, enhancing natural eye colour.


A perfect pout 24/7! These prices are complete and include 4 salon appointments spaced fortnightly.

Lip Liner Tattoo £269

Lip Blush Tattoo £319

Full Lip Colour Tattoo £349


Post Treatment Top Up £49
After the second appointment, some clients require a third for a stronger look. Prices shown for Brows and Eyeliner are inclusive of two appointments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Post Treatment Fade Top Up £69. Between 10-18 months after initial treatment.

Brows F.A.Qs

Does it hurt?

A soothing anaesthetic gel is applied initially and can be topped up during treatment to help eliminate discomfort. I personally was very relaxed and partially asleep in my first treatment and many of my clients choose to zone out. Stress, hunger, hormones and consuming excessive amounts of caffeine before a treatment can affect your experience.

Will everyone know I’ve had them done?

This depends on the overall effect you desire! Generally speaking younger clients prefer a stronger more ’made-up’ brow. For the first 5-7 days an aftercare balm is provided and should be worn to protect the skin, this is slightly glossy. Also for the first 5-7 days the freshly applied colour will be appear stronger before it heals into the skin. Directly after, as I do with brow waxing, I apply a small amount of liquid mineral makeup to the skin- up to- but not on the brows. Any slight redness under the light makeup, disappears after a few hours. Please check out my portfolio!

How long does it last?

This depends on each client’s skin, I usually say between 12 months to 12 years. I’ve personally been prescribed Roaccutane: a medicine that really increases my skin cell turnover, so my brows need topping up more than others. Lifestyle and skin type will be discussed in a consultation.

How do you know what shape and style will suit me?

I take into account face shape, eye shape, skin tone, skin texture, hair style and colour, natural brow shape, brow growth pattern, brow texture, bone structure, your personality, your makeup, your style….pictures you bring in or point out of brows you like. You are an individual, they are your brows and you have the final decision. Nothing will be tattooed until we are both happy with the design.

Can I come and see more of your work?

Definitely, it will be a pleasure. Book in 30 minutes by calling 01202 553400 and we can have a cuppa! I explain to you privately the full treatment, show you more images of other satisfied clients and perform a patch test for the colour pigments and soothing anaesthetic gel. You are under no obligation or pressure to choose me.